In the Mood est une chanson populaire américaine composée par Joe Garland et Andy Razaf.
Elle est arrangée par le chef d'orchestre et musicien Glenn Miller en 1939, qui en fera l'un de ses plus grands succès.
Il s'agit d'une œuvre représentative de l'époque des big bands de la fin des années 1930.  (Wikipedia)

Seventy or so years ago, long before television, stereo, jet planes, intercontinental rockets, cell phones,
electricity in every home, computers, cars with automatic transmissions, plastics, fiberglass, lasers, 
satellites; in fact, long before most of the things that are taken for granted and reckoned to be absolutely
necessary for American daily life today... did not exist. 
The world was knee-deep in WWII and this music was one of the ways we managed to survive.  
Did you know that the Glen Miller Band was drafted into the US Army? 
 Well, actually, they all volunteered when asked to serve in the military as ambassadors to the troops
fighting overseas.   Glen Miller was killed in that war.
Guys like me tear-up when hearing these wonderful songs. 
All of the hardships suffered; the lost family and friends; and a Nation pulling together as one enormous team
to defeat  the axis powers out to conquer the world was the only thing that truly won that horrible war.
Probably the most popular Glen Miller Band tune was, "Boogie-Woogie Bugle y".

(One comment from Ed Martell ...)

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